Willan Technologies is giving massive discounts (up to 80%)

May 9, 2020

Willan Technologies is giving massive discounts (up to 80%)

While opening its African Office in Cameroon, Willan Technologies is giving out massive discounts to all businesses, up to 80% for African Businesses.

If your Business is Africa, you are automatically eligible for 40% Discount on all your Willan Technologies Orders. The coupon code for all African Businesses is WPAFRICA40 and it applies to all Willan Technologies IT Services.

For all other Businesses in every parts of the world, Willan is giving 20% off in order to help Businesses in this unprecedented time of COVID-19 Pandemic. This offer ends on June 30th, 2020. To take advantage of this offer, use coupon code BEATCORONA20.

To take advantage of the above offers, use the applicable coupon code while placing an order at https://www.willanlab.com for new Clients or https://mywillan.com for existing Clients.

It is also worth mentioning that signing up for a subscription package could give additional discount of 20%, 30% or 40%.

Willan Technologies is one of the best and most cost-effective Web Design, eCommerce Design, Web & Mobile Apps Development, Logo Design, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click, Videos Production, Graphic Design and Web Hosting Companies in the World.

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