Extended Validated

Extended Validated

Extended Validated
Extended Validated

Willan technologies provide ‘Extended Validation (EV) Certificate’ services. It is a type of TLS/SSL certificate that verifies whether the certificate holder has undergone the most extensive level of vetting and identity background checks to certify that their website is authentic and legitimate. It offers a top-notch level of safety and security which enhances the confidence in the system. An EV SSL certificate provides an advanced level of security against phishing attacks, email fraud, and other cyber-attacks. Top multinational companies and banks prefer this due to its high security and authentication features. For pricing and other details related to it. Please get in touch.

$3898.70 Annually

EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain

Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain is Comodo^^s most comprehensive enterprise-level security solution—it can cover up to 250 different domains with a single certificate. Not only do you get all the benefits of Comodo Enterprise SSL Pro with EV...

$1428.70 Annually

EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV

Enterprise SSL Pro with EV represents the absolute maximum in trust and assurance you can receive from an SSL certificate and Comodo. This is the ultimate in identity assurance. After undergoing extensive vetting (nothing to worry about if your busin...

$$180.70 Annually

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV

This certificate comes with the highest level of security and authentication. With this EV certificate, you will get the most trusted symbol on the internet the green address bar, along with a dynamic site seal and unlimited server licensing....

$$369.20 Annually

GeoTrust True BusinessID w/ EV Multi-Domain

This EV certificate comes bundled with five total SANs, and you have the option to purchase more SANs, in packs of five, up to 25. Users are quickly learning to associate the green address bar with reputable companies that are safe to do business wit...

$$167.70 Annually

Thawte SSL Web Server with EV

This certificate offers the highest industry standard for authentication as well as an encryption of up to 256-bit. Having the green address bar on your website ensures customers that you are a trustworthy business and have taken the steps to secure ...

$$310.70 Annually

Comodo EV Multi-Domain

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to managing multiple sites, which is where this Extended Validation (EV) certificate comes in. By offering features such as 256-bit encryption, the green address bar, SAN support (up to 100 additional domains), an...

$$310.70 Annually

Sectigo EV Multi-Domain/UCC

Encrypt up to 250 different domains on a single certificate, regardless of server type (including MS Exchange and Office Communications), and assert maximum identity with the EV name bar on every single one. This is the most cost-effective EV solutio...

$$180.70 Annually

Sectigo EV SSL

Assert maximum organizational identity with one of the most trusted SSL/TLS certificates on the market, the Sectigo EV SSL. Receive preferential browser treatment for your website, showcase your identity in the address bar. There’s no better value ...

$100.10 Annually

PositiveSSL EV

Introducing the Positive SSL EV certificate, which offers access to Extended Validation SSL at an extremely budget-friendly price point. Positive SSL EV comes with a dynamic Positive SSL trust seal, a $1,000,000 warranty and activates the green addre...

$210.60 Annually

PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain

The Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain certificate is an incredibly popular product among larger companies and enterprises. Where else can you get EV SSL protection for up to 250 different domains a price point that doesn’t cause the finance department p...

$268.32 Annually

DigiCert Extended Validation SSL

This basic EV SSL/TLS certificate is a legacy DigiCert high-assurance certificate that comes with full business validation and a $1M warranty. ...

$447.72 Annually

DigiCert EV Multi-Domain SSL

This basic, yet affordable EV multi-domain certificate is a legacy DigiCert high-assurance solution that provides full business-level authentication to multiple domains. $1M warranty. Up to 250 SANs....

$840.78 Annually

DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL

This industry staple EV certificate, now powered by DigiCert, is a comprehensive security solution equipped with the highest level of brand validation, a $1.75M warranty, instant issuance, CertCentral®, and the Norton™ Seal....

$2353.33 Annually

DigiCert Secure Site EV Multi-Domain SSL

This industry staple EV certificate, now powered by DigiCert, is a convenient solution for securing & providing the highest level of brand validation for up to 250 domains with one certificate, it also has a $1.75M warranty, instant issuance, CertCen...

$1266.66 Annually

DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV SSL

This premium EV SSL is now powered by DigiCert. It’s an all-in-one, advanced security solution with the highest level of brand validation that boasts quantum-proof encryption, business authentication, malware & vuln. scanning, CT log monitoring, in...

Why Choose Us?

You demonstrate your commitment to industry best practices and compliance with stringent security standards by obtaining an EV Certificate. This recognition builds trust with your customers and positions your organisation as a leader in data protection and security.

Unparalleled Trust and Credibility

Unparalleled Trust and Credibility

Willan Technologies EV Certificates exceed standard SSL/TLS certificates. Enhance your credibility and instil confidence in your customers with Willan Technologies EV Certificates.

Rigorous Validation Process

Rigorous Validation Process

EV Certificates require the most extensive verification process compared to other certificate types. This rigorous process ensures that your customers can have complete confidence in the authenticity and legitimacy of your business.

Maximum Encryption and Data Security

Maximum Encryption and Data Security

With robust encryption, you safeguard customer information, such as personal details, payment data, and login credentials, from interception by malicious entities. Demonstrating your commitment to data security helps build customer trust and loyalty.

Highest Browser Compatibility

Highest Browser Compatibility

All major web browsers recognise and trust Willan Technologies EV Certificates, ensuring seamless compatibility and a consistent visitor browsing experience.

Premium Assurance and Warranty

Premium Assurance and Warranty

Willan Technologies provides a substantial warranty with our EV Certificates to protect your investment and provide financial assurance. In the unlikely event of a mis-issuance or security breach, our warranty offers you added protection and peace of mind.

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support at Willan Technologies. Our experienced support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns about your EV Certificates.

Extended Validated

Elevate Trust and Security Today

Willan Technologies EV Certificates employ the strongest encryption algorithms to protect sensitive data transmitted between your website and visitors. We stand behind the security and integrity of our certificates, providing you with unmatched support and protection. We understand the importance of prompt and reliable assistance and are here to ensure a seamless certificate implementation process.

Willan Technologies EV Certificates provide your online business the highest level of trust, security, and confidence. Gain a competitive edge, enhance your brand reputation, and protect your customers' sensitive data with our industry-leading EV Certificates.

Choose Willan Technologies for unmatched trust, comprehensive security, and unwavering support. Elevate your online presence today with Willan Technologies EV Certificates. Secure your website and build a foundation of trust with Willan Technologies!