The Importance of Website Security for Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The Importance of Website Security for Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

20 Jun 2024
The Importance of Website Security for Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

We are living in the world of the internet, where millions and thousands of people are 

linked to various services and apps. On a day-to-day basis, users visit different websites and contribute their valuable time browsing different platforms. You have fabricated 

an astonishing website and it’s ranking well on Google, but do you know an auspicious cyber threat can put all your efforts in vain?

Willan Technologies is the best web design and development company that provides excellent services across Columbus, Ohio. If you are facing an issue of how to defend malware, you are at the right place. Our professionals will help you to make your website a success. 

What Is Website Security for Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio? 

Before we move to a solution, we should first know what website security is. In simple words, website security refers to protecting your website from malicious attacks. A cyber attack refers to authorizing your computer data through unprofessional means with the aim of destroying, altering, and copying your data. 

The internet enables us to communicate and show our business to all around the world at ease. According to a UK cyber security survey 2020 operated by the Department for Digital, media, and Sports, almost ( 46% ) of businesses and (26%) of charities reported having cyber security breaches in the previous 12 months.

Why Website Security is Crucial for Columbus Oh Tech Companies

Security is essential for all websites, whether it is a blog or an e-commerce website so that you can keep your website safe from hackers as it can affect your SEO ranking, and you may lose your website data. Our professional and certified team of experts ensures in making your website safe and virus free. 

Columbus oh tech companies believe in our excellent services which makes us one of the leading companies in the digital world. We as the best tech companies in Columbus, Ohio aim at making our customers satisfied and happy through our services all over in Australia. 

Some of the common website security threats that we face in our daily lives are:

  • Stolen passwords

Every website is secured by passwords. A hacker can easily crack passwords through different combinations of passwords. In several cases, hackers can use the default username and passwords that come with the administration account. Once your password is stolen, it can result in several mischievous problems on your website. 

  • Ransome

It’s a malware through which your computer can face problems. Ransomware is one of the prominent security threats among all the malwares that takes command of the system and devices holding the victim's information. Ransomware can be spread through phishing techniques, domain spoofing, malicious websites, and email attachments. It has become very frequent and affects small businesses. To save your website from these viruses, we as a tech companies in Columbus, Ohio are here to guide you with our team of experts.

  • Data breach 

Data breaches can happen when someone has shared their confidential data with an anonymous person. It could happen accidentally, but due to this, the cyber thief can sell your data in the black market or dark web. Using data breach as a medium, cyber theft can invade any country's confidential matter through their data and sensitive information. Financial and medical sectors are the common targets of cyber theft as they can sell data of students through their photos, important information, and contact information.

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-site scripting (XSS) happens when hackers intercalate a viable script or Javascript into your laptop code. XSS code isn't fully controlled by the hacker; instead, the bad actors attach their code, tricking the browser into executing their malware whenever the user opens the site. 

Our experience and expertise protects you from these security threats in an effective and efficient manner. As a prominent tech companies in Columbus, Ohio we deliver excellent services to our valuable clients. 

Common Cyber Threats Faced By Columbus Ohio, Tech Companies

Willan Technologies is an IT company that was founded in 2017 by Wilfrid Muiche. As a leading web design and development tech companies in Columbus, Ohio, we provide different services that meet clients' needs. Our certified and professional team of experts helps you achieve the growth and stability in your business in the early years. 

Let's discuss what could be different ways through which you can safeguard your website security.  

Endpoint security:

We use endpoint security in safeguarding entry points of end-user devices, such as for desktops and mobile devices from being attacked by malware viruses. It protects endpoints in the cloud or on a network from cybersecurity threats.

Application Security :

Application security mainly involves developing, adding, and testing security features within the applications. It helps Columbus Ohio, tech companies to prevent security vulnerabilities against unauthorized access and modification threats.

Network security:

Network security is a solution designed to safeguard the utility and integrity of your network and data. A lot of confidential data is stored online and accessible through various networks. So, it is crucial to have a good network security administration that permits tech companies in Columbus, Ohio to protect their data and grant permission only to authorized personnel. 

Risk Management:

Managing the risk in cyber security is hard. It is nearly unattainable to precisely calculate the amount of security that should be invested to safeguard your website. Our cyber risk management team analyzes the risks attached towards the website on a day-to-day operational level. It helps the decision-maker to take the decisions while keeping vulnerability and cyber attacks in mind. 

Threat Intelligence:

Cyber threat intelligence is the information or data that collects and assists us in knowing the threats that could threaten us in the future. Threat intelligence permits agencies to make quicker, more informed, data-backed security decisions and change their behavior from reactive to ardent in the fight against threat actors.

Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio: Pioneering the Future of Innovation

Willan Technologies aims at providing the top-notch services by giving our customers peace of mind. Our positive feedback makes us one of the reliable and leading companies as our web design and development services safeguard your websites. 

Our different security solutions provide comprehensive security to your devices, ensuring your valuable data remains safe from threats and vulnerability, and with our experienced team believes in safeguarding your website from all the malwares.

Contact us now as we are the best tech companies in Columbus, Ohio that saves your website from threats. Avail the benefits of our services and get your website developed.